Hello and welcome to greenvana blog!

I started the blog in July 2012 as a way to express my passion for creating and communicating things that are of prime importance to me – a healthy lifestyle and personal growth. It’s been a journey of constant learning, defining my goals, practising patience and discipline, discovering my real passions, and simply having fun. Having experimented for a year in a rather loose manner, I have decided to shift my focus to greenvana. The journey continues and here’s what you can find:

Every day. Natural living. Expats-friendly! :-)

Inspirations and experiences on the way to self-discovery and finding peace within. I’ve always had an interest in spirituality, however my life threw me an amazing curve at the age of 27 when I started practising ZEN meditation.

Is devoted to spontaneous outings as well as to longer trips that are more often than not related to being active in the nature or discovering places that promote organic food and good karma.

Is a natural process of living well and harmonising the body and the mind. Here I share my experiences and successes of healing a physical or a mental condition with a healthy diet, natural medicines, organic cosmetics, sport and meditation.
Having myself skin prone to both seborrhoeic dermatitis and perioral dermatitis, I have always tried to look for facial creams and hair treatments designated to such skin problems. It’s been a trial and error method so far and I have still not figured it out whether I can cure those completely. However, with my switch to natural living I’ve learned that it’s not only about what beauty products I use and have seen some positive results. This category includes additionally reviews of organic products that I’ve found worth the buzz.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day :-)