greenvana is a blog and a brand based in Berlin.

The blog is dedicated to a vibrant and health-conscious Polish community, mainly women and mothers, living abroad as well as in Poland.

At the same time, greenvana blog is my business card for the Polish organic food producers who wish to enter foreign markets. greenvana offers them support throughout this process: access to a very broad client portfolio, key account management and new customer acquisition worldwide, with a focus on the German-speaking countries.

In Poland we grew up with natural flavours and the importance of the traditional food production. Even though modern life has brought many easy and not always healthy choices from the Western culture, even more people crave natural and regional foods, be it traditional or innovative, vegan or paleo. greenvana brings the best out of Poland.

And what does the upcoming greenvana-shop do for you?

greenvana offers best-quality natural and organic foods from Polish producers. We offer both organic and conventional natural foods, innovative and traditional, so you will surely find something for yourself. You can become a customer from anywhere in the world. Are you a an organic food shop or wholesaler and would like enrich your product portfolio?

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