greenvana offers best-quality natural foods from Poland. We offer both organic and conventional, innovative and traditional foods, so you will surely find something for yourself. You can become a customer from anywhere in the world.

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Get access to really natural foods
Less industry allows for a more natural approach. The ecosystem is still largely preserved in Poland with an impressive plant, insect, brown bear, wolf and stork population flourishing. Less industry also meant more labour what paid off in great skills in hand made production ranging from food through furniture, textiles to pottery.

Discover undiscovered.
For many Eastern Europe is still very foreign. We break that language and prejudice barrier and show you the land of fullness.

Learn about importance of tradition
Get to know the warm-hearted Slavic culture. Years of cultivating traditions resulted in a rich portfolio of natural and gourmet foods prepared in a traditional way. We still celebrate Christmas, Easter and weddings still in a very traditional way whereas most of the festive dishes are very nutritious and healthy. A so-called slow food movement plays an even more important role in Poland.

Get surprised by very fresh ideas
Good education, foreign languages skills, migration to obtain international experience and being “hungry for more” result in a young, ambitious, open and creative society that creates more  and more innovative and competitive businesses.

Work with those who have first-hand experience, solid know-how and long international expertise
We have been travelling through the international organic food scene since 2003 and discovering new trends and development in the gourmet and the health food sector. We know the trends as well as the real market needs.

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