(EN) My Post-Workout Recovery Plan For Overtraining

post workout meal

posiłek po treningu

Getting back to sport after a long break is both exciting and challenging. Having gone through two bad colds as well as due to the lazy festive time, I haven’t been training for a month. I was superb happy to be returning to cross fit. The challenge came right at the second station: I was out of breath and my muscles had already enough too. Although I have completed the workout, I felt the consequences of the month’s abstinence the next day. It was not so much the muscle soreness as feeling unwell and lack of energy.

Here’s What I Found Soothing

Vegan protein shake, ex. this one
Hot bath with a natural fragrance oil for muscle relaxation (all kinds of blends with rosemary, eucalyptus and japanese mint oil work wonders)
Good sleep (great it was Saturday as I slept some 11 hours…)
Taking it easy the next day, but do having some light physical activity (I went for a walk)
Nutritious and satiating meal (I went for king prawns, cooked potatoes and kale)

Ingredients & Preparation

Boil potatoes
Simmer chopped kale. Add some sea salt if you like. (Frozen kale is all I found on Saturday. You can always use fresh kale, chop it finely and simmer in a pot.)
Fry king prawns with a little butter, finely chopped garlic and lime pepper seasoning. (This seasoning pairs fantastic with fish and poultry.)

As a consolation, I’ll tell you that on Sunday I felt perfectly fine again and the Monday’s training went without smoothly. My message is: do some sport! :)

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