(EN) Urban Gardening #1 – Berlin’s Prinzessinnengarten

prinzessinnengarten berlin

We all are urban animals and we want more green spaces in our cities. Most of the Berlin’s urban gardens are open to public between April and September. Last week I popped into Prinzessinnengarten. Thanks to its location in the neighbouring Kreuzberg, my lunch break proved long enough to let me catch some sunshine.

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(EN) Simple Neck And Shoulders Exercises If You Sit Too Much

My job right now, involves many sitting hours spent at my desk as I research, write, translate and edit photos. Since I am not a ‚couch potato‘ type, and never been, it is extremely hard for me to cope with it. It is for this reason that I tend to have cramps in the neck and …

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(EN) You Can Reduce Cellulite Naturally At Home

It is said that 90 % of women have cellulite. Overweight and slim, elderly and teenagers alike. Although cellulite is considered genetical, there is something you can do to reduce it. Here are some natural methods that I’ve tested myself. They generally good for your health, whether you struggle with cellulite or not. Cellulite is not an …

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