Go For It In 2015!

Do you have a dream? Of course, you do! New year is a new beginning. It’s not only about getting older. With each new year, we have a great chance to expand mentally too.

New year is a great starting point to:

think less – act more
finally make some decisions
burn your karma – reinvent yourself
incorporate your ideas
finish what you’ve started in order to move on

Let’s use 2015 to really make things happen – not just in January, but throughout the year!

So what is that thing that you would love to do? Each new day, week or month is a great opportunity to make a small step towards accomplishing your goal. And it doesn’t matter how small or big this goal is. Whether it’s about finding enough mental strength to face the person who bothers you to put an end to the conflict or about having enough physical energy to tighten your po’s muscles. A small achievement like one of those is automatically a part of some bigger picture. They make us wiser, stronger, more confident and thus more attractive and happier as a result. From now on we can perceive every single day of 2015 as a chance to invest some % of out time and energy towards making things happen – one happy step at a time…

One of my goals this year is to successfully accomplish my first tough mudder event, the KrassFit Challenge, in one piece and with a smile on my face ;)

As a matter of preparation to the 7 K obstacle run on 30th May in Berlin, I’m going to possibly regularly i.e. twice a week attend my cross fit training (that’s for the strength and the teamwork), practice yoga once or twice a week (that’s for the flexibility), go for a little run once a week (that’s for speed and endurance) and continue my daily practice of zen meditation (that’s for the concentration and the mental strength). Needless to say that for me it is not only a challenge, but a lot of fun… ;)

Does it seem like a full programme taking into consideration that I work full time as well? It definitely is, but I trust that it’s a matter of good organisation and staying focused. Failing from time to time due to lack of time or sickness is not going to ruin the whole plan at all. However, by having a plan of how I am going to get from where I am now to where I want to be in six months is a helpful guiding tool.

Getting prepared for my first half-marathon last year that I managed to run, enjoy and complete despite some health issues I had to face, is a good prove that it was great to have had that goal and worth to have followed my plan.

I keep my fingers crossed for your passions and realising your goals this year! :)

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