LiQberry – The Old New Superfood To Love



Recently I’ve discovered and tested some very cool new health-food product. LiQberry is a liquid berry i.e. a thick and delicious berry paste made from 100%… berries! So if you like berries, you will love LiQberry too. Guaranteed.

I like and eating certain super-foods from time to time, however, I’ve been always questioning the “newest hype” coming always from very far away form Europe. Why should Peruvian, Chinese or Brazilian fruits and veggies be better and healthier for us then those that grow in our climate? Apart from the fact the some of those exotic to us places have less industry and thus more fertile soils, there is not a reasonable reason to claim that they are really much healthier and thus better for us. There are many articles that have been published online and offline in the past years proving it. According to the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) as well as the common sense of our grandmas, we should eat possibly seasonally and possibly locally. The berries of the British brand LiQberry come from the organically certified parts of wild forests in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania.

liqberry pasteThe paste comes in three flavours: cranberry, cowberry and bilberry.

The best thing about LiQberry is that the pastes are 100% natural, free of sugar, preservatives and aromas. And here’s the best part – the thickness of the pastes comes from the modern technology being used, which allows for the fruits’ flesh to be very finely grated together with the skin and the seeds. This way the pastes unlock additionally the healthy goodness from those parts of the fruits, which wouldn’t get properly digested by our stomachs otherwise. The producer claims that thanks to this patented production method used, the berries contain 10 times more antioxidants and more omega-3 fatty acids than fresh berries. In any case, the thickness makes the pastes really unique and simply very tasty.

What we all know is that berries are good for us. They serve well our eye-sight, skin, digestion, PMS, the immune system and much more.

liqberry greenvanaIn order to avoid oxidation of the fruits paste it is recommended to use a wooden or a plastic spoon.

The recommended daily dose, if you wish to use LiQberry as a supplementation of your diet, are: 2 TBS (30 g) before a meal 3 times a day. Each bottle has 500 ml and once opened can be stored in the fridge for a month.

liqberry pastaThe bilberry LiQberry is my absolute favourite! It’s so sweet that it can easily serve as a dessert, meaning, you can skin your cake & Co. :-)

Beware, the pastes are thick and full of finely grounded seeds, which might get in between your teeth. The bilberry one makes your teeth and tongue as dark as if you’ve eaten a 0.5 kg of fresh berries or have drank a few glassed of red wine ;-) But they all taste fantastic and especially if you love sweet-sour combinations, you will simply appreciate this totally natural food product.

I’ve also tried all flavours as a food addition and here are my favourite food-combos:

  • Bilberry paste with a natural yogurt to make a totally natural and awesome fruit yogurt
  • Cowberry paste as a sauce to a baked chicken or duck
  • Cranberry paste mixed with a freshly squeezed orange juice or as an addition to baked or fresh Camembert cheese

So far you can purchase LiQberry pastes in England, Poland, Ukraine and soon also in Germany.

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