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I’m a newbie to this sport art, but I fell in love with it at the very first workout. What is crossfit? In my words crossfit is an aerobic exercise taken to the next level. It’s a mixture of strength training, endurance sports and acrobatics. For me it’s also about fun, a community feeling and competing against oneself. It’s a very intense workout, but I believe that it can be conducted by anybody who’s healthy enough to do sports. You just have to make sure to train under a professional trainer and tell him about your possible health issues. You can always skip certain exercise or make a lighter version. Surprisingly, despite the intensity of the workout, in my group there are more girls than guys and as well as different age groups. Want to know more? Check out the teaser and best, go and work-it-out yourself!

Vegan Protein Powder

Talking about fitness. I hadn’t done a typical gym workout ever in my life. Neither am I into body building as such. But I’m a sporty person on a mainly vegetarian diet. That’s why I take protein supplements as snack after exercise to help my muscles recover better and sooner. I’ve done a broad research on vegan protein powders and found the Swiss made Maskelmän fulfill my expectations. First reason for choosing Maskelmän is that they are vegan and certified organic. They contain 18 amino acids including the 9 essential amino acids. Another good point is that the powder doesn’t contain additives like sugars and artificial aromas. They are neutral in taste and can be easily combined with other ingredients like vanilla extract, stevia, coconut oil and anything really. Comparing with similar products, the price is also very reasonable. I owe two 1 kg packages, one with brown rice and another with green pea protein. I usually drink them as a mixture: 1 – 1.5 soup spoon of each blended with 300 ml of rice milk. Delicious and sweet enough to skip sugar!

vegan protein powder

In case Maskelmän protein is not available in your country, you might want to have a look at similar protein powder from Sunwarrior.


If you like protein drinks or simply having something to eat and drink on the go, buying a good shaker is a wise choice. I’ve recently got two of those, one in neon blue and another in neon orange. Designed in Sweden, SmartShake has a huge choice of high quality, BPA and DEHP polymer free, non leak, multi-functional shakers. They are available in many vivid colours and since they are made of parts, you can easily mix them as long as you owe more than one colour. Smart Shaker is superb practical and can be used for storing liquids, powder, vitamins, snacks like fruits and nuts and even your keys. It’s very smart indeed! smart shaker smart shaker buy online

This is the newer model called slim. The slimmer shaker has 500 instead of 600 ml capacity and looks this sleek.

protein shaker

Nike Flyknit Trainers

Having done a great experience with the Nike Free 3.0 model, Flyknit shoes are on my wish-list. You can view my review of the Nike Free 3.0 model here. The Lunar model, alike the 3.0 series, resembles a barefoot feeling, is breathable and ultra light. Additionally, being made of just one piece of material, the Flyknit Lunar are supposed to have a better fit and according to Nike, also cut out on resources used like fabrics, glue and threads. I love the “recycled” colour mishmash of this Flyknit Lunar 1 Volt Gray model. Made for running, they’re simply too cool not to wear them on the street! ;-)

nike flyknit lunar buyflyknit racer htm lunar flyknitThe photo above presents the Flyknit Lunar Racer and Lunar 1 Multicolour.

The slightly older Flyknit model, Nike Flyknit Free 3.0 has been made using the same, one piece technology. It is supposed fit well like a sock and it even looks alike. I like them especially in this vivid red-purple colour-combo. It seems perfect for the gray months ahead, doesn’t it?

flyknit free 3.0flyknit 3.0 buy online

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