Mediterranean Stuffed Mushrooms And Peppers

nadziewane pieczarki

Easy to make, delicious taste! :-) Stuffed mushrooms and peppers in a few steps.


red pepper
portobello mushrooms
black olives
feta cheese (I used the one with sheep and goat milk)
seasoning (bruschetta or sea salt, black pepper, oregano, fresh rosemary)


Chop onion and fry it in a pan
Cut the stems out of the mushrooms, chop them and fry with the onion, a little olive oil, olives and garlic
Slice the pepper and stick one mushroom in the a hole in the upper side. This way you can stuff both sides :)
Put your stuffing into the veggies
Place them in the oven heated up to 180 C degrees
Bake for 20 – 30 minutes (timing dependins on your oven)
Add feta cheese approx. 10 min before end


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