Natural Deodorant Or Antiperspirant – What’s Better

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Have you ever wondered what differs a deodorant from an antiperspirant?
The crucial difference between the two is that antiperspirants block the pores that release sweat, while deodorants only stop the body’s odour without stopping its natural function.

In the end sweating is a process, which helps our bodies get rid of toxins. Antiperspirants block the pores mainly with the use of the two chemical compounds, aluminium and zirconium. Deodorants, on the other hand, contain various antiseptic ingredients, which kill odour-causing bacteria. This means that we still sweat, but a bad smell is eliminated. There are still not enough evidence on what effect aluminium and zirconium have on our health, however many studies and articles indicate that these substances are linked to diseases like inflammatory conditions of hair follicles, breast cancer or Alzheimer disease. Additionally, a mixture of sweat and these chemical compounds are a cause of yellow stains that antiperspirants leave on clothing.

While everybody has to make their own experience, I generally believe that if I can avoid chemicals than I do and I have some time ago switched to using natural deodorants only. I have tried out a few of them, some in a roll-on and some in a spray from various organic and natural cosmetics manufacturers.

My recent discovery and a personal number one is a Citrus Deodorant by Weleda. It is a natural cosmetic that is free from preservatives, aluminium chloride, phthalate, synthetic fragrances, animal ingredients and gas propellant. It has a very pleasant and refreshing smell and it works perfectly on me. It can be bought in a 100ml or a handy handbag-size 30ml bottle. This fabulous deodorant was also granted a very good note in a cosmetic book of 2009 by the German consumer magazine Öko Test. I would classify it as a unisex, however its sage version seems maybe slightly more suitable for men due to its gentle herbal smell.

My other favourite one is a natural deodorant without aerosol spray by Alverde. It contains extracts of water peppermint and mineral salts, which makes the fragnance really delicate and fresh. It is available in a 75 ml bottle from the German drugstore chain DM.

deo alverde
I have also recently read that mixing baking soda with cornstarch and applying it as a baby powder on your armpits serves as a natural deodorant. For as much as natural it may sound, it does not seem practical and appealing enough to me. I would be glad to hear from you if you have made such experience!

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    1. Jeszcze nie próbowałam, natomiast moja siostra tak i powiedziała, ze się nie sprawdził. Po dość krótkim czasie całkowicie wysechł, także nie nadawał się do użytku. Niestety nie umiem ci powiedzieć jakiej był firmy. Ja mimo tego chętnie spróbuję tego wynalazku, ale w Niemczech są one mało popularne i jakos mi żaden do tej pory nie wpadł w oko.

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