Organic Hairdresser – Does It Make A Difference?

eko fryzjer warszawa

Organic hairdresser?! It sounds a bit odd at first or rather like too much of an ecological hype, doesn’t it? This is why I decided to find out what really stands behind such a name and chose the first hairdressing salon in Poland — Haircology — in my home town Warsaw.

The major reason behind opting for an organic hairdresser was the fact that I wanted to make highlights. Even though I am not a fan of hair dying, making lighter, sun rays-like highlights in the autumn, seemed like a nice change. And of course, the idea of dying my hair in a possibly natural way made me give it a try. To tell the truth I should have written — in an impossible way — since hair dying, and especially making a hair colour lighter, is not a natural process at all! However, what organic hair salons promise us is using good quality, organic certified hair styling products. That said, shampoos, hair conditioners and masks should be free from harmful preservatives like formaldehyde and parabens, PEG emulsifiers, petroleum derivatives such as paraffin, synthetic fragrances as well as an infamous silicon. Good, organic hair dyes on the other hand, try to minimise the amount of damaging and not necessary chemical substances including ammoniac and various synthetically produced perfumes.

Now going back to Haircology. Their philosophy stating that — The best in our offer is what is not there — meaning the lack of all the bad ingredients that conventional cosmetics have, made me travel to Warsaw and give it a go.

What I can tell you now is that I totally enjoyed my experience. Being a lover of bright spaces and wooden furniture, I will tell you a bit about the interior design too. Situated by a park, in 44A Rozbrat Street (ul. Rozbrat 44A, Warszawa), is already a sign of a perfectly chosen setting.
organic hairdresser warsawhaircology warszawa
The interior is spacious and cosy at the same time. Big windows immediately connect you with the nature outside. The big table as well as most of the other furniture elements are made of recycled wood; The lampshades, from the used wine glass hair salon haircology warszawaeko fryzjer haircology
There is a mini kids corner where your children will be taken care off and a waiting area with a sofa made from wooden pallets. A similar design has been adapted in a coworking office in Cracow, which I wrote about in my post on Coworking Spaces Worldwide. öko friseur
Let’s move to my hair styling experience now. I was lucky to have a possibility to have had my appointment at 3 pm — outside of rush hours. That way I had a great chance to photograph the space as well as ask many questions regarding the the idea behind the concept, available treatments and the cosmetics that they use. One of the treatment that’s definitely worth mentioning is an organic home-made hair mask, which depending on the hair type, can be made with avocados or eggs with an almond, argan, coconut or lavender oil. All natural ingredients, including fresh herbs are… on the table!eko fryzjer naturfriseur
And this was my hairdresser, Bartek, who was not only superb nice, but also answered all my questions :-) And what’s most important — I’m really happy with the result.
eko fryzjer haircology
Another thing that I found cool, and what I hadn’t experienced elsewhere, is a possibility to combine your visit with a social gathering with your friends. This way you can not only get a new haircut or an organic (!) manicure, but also have a laugh and a glass of organic wine delivered from a local eco-shop. Of course non-alcoholic beverages like water or coffee are also available.

Organic hairdressing does make a difference. It is not only about being authentic and taking the best care of your hair, but also offering a perfect ambience where you can relax at the same time.

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