100% Organic Shea Butter By Cattier Paris


Today I’d like to share with you my review of a Shea Butter by Cattier. I tried this body cream over a month ago and been using it since than. I have been looking for a possibly natural product and what convinced me by Cattier is that it only has one ingredient – pure, organic shea butter.

As a result it is necessarily perfume free and can therefore be used by even the most sensitive skin. While it is especially beneficial for dry and irritated skin, it is not recommended to people with nut allergy. Cattier’s shea butter is suited for body, face and even hair. I use it only on the dry skin areas like feet, calves, arms, elbows and palms and it does wonders. No other body lotion has kept my skin so moistened and soft for over such a long period of time.shea butter cattier review

Some interesting facts about shea butter:

  • Shea butter is native to West African nut trees that live up to 300 years
  • It is extracted from a seed of the nut
  • In Africa it is widely used in food as a major source of a plant fat as well as for medicinal purposes
  • It is very rich in vitamin A that encourages new cells grow and vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties and protects the skin from the environmental conditions; D and F
  • Recommended in treating blemishes, wrinkles, eczema, dermatitis, burns and stretch marks!
  • It is wise to buy shea butter in an unrefined form and possibly organic (unfortunately, I received an unofficial information that shea butter from Cattier isn’t unrefined – and I haven’t found any information saying that it is unrefined on the company website)
  • Good quality pure shea butter has a beige to yellow colour (not white, grey or greenish!)

It has a very mild fragrance, which sort of smells like a fruity butter. It’s very nice indeed, but you don’t really  notice it once on the skin. It’s texture is not as smooth as of a traditional body lotion. It is thicker and rather grainy and it requires a little warming up in the palms prior to applying. Since I’ve so far tried it only in winter (and my old-style flat is rather cool), I try to apply it right after a hot shower when my skin is still warm. I’ve recently bought a new one and I find its consistence much smoother and easier to rub into the skin. I guess that they all differ slightly.

shea butter cattier review

shea butter cattier paris

Once warmed, it gets pleasantly oily and can be easily rubbed onto the skin. Oh, and one more thing – since my complexion has a tendency to seborrhoeic dermatitis, I’ve also given it a try on my face during a recent rash. It has calmed it down and reduced itching and redness to a quite a big extend. However, I am going to inspect it further and will surely report on this topic in the future.


100% Butyrospermum Parkii Butter *

* Product from controlled organic cultivation. It is certified by ECO CERT.

Where to buy it:

  • Online via many online retailers or directly at
  • In Germany in stores like LPG and Bio Company.

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