Parsley – Surprising Health Benefits

parsley health benefits

Parsley is much more than just a green thing decorating a plate. If you knew the many health benefits of its green leaves, you would probably not toss it over, but eat it together with your dish. See why.

Nutritional Facts & Health Benefits


  • Rich in Vitamins A, C, B 6, K – Anti-oxidative properties, builds up collagen, protects against varicose veins
  • A tablespoon chopped parsley covers the daily requirement for vitamin C – worth thinking about during the so-called flu period
  • Contains minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium
  • Plant protein source – it’s a great choice for vegans
  • Source of chlorophyll – cleanses blood and promotes building white blood cells
  • Volatile oils – qualify as anti-carcinogenic food and is a great diet choice for people suffering from cancer and inflammation
  • Has diuretic properties and encourages a proper function of bladder and kidneys
  • Helps by menstruation problems and reduces PMS (Note – as surprising as it may sound, even in such inconspicuous herbs like parsley, reside high power. Parsley is not recommended for pregnant women, and certainly not in large quantities, as it may lead to miscarriage. You can find a lot of information on this topic on the internet.)
  • Eliminates the odour of garlic and freshens the breath

Cooking With Parsley


Parsley has a little bland taste when eaten on its own. This is why I like combining it with distinct flavours. You can use a lemon or a lime juice for an citric, fresh note and radish or cayenne pepper for a spicy one.

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