greenvana was established in 2014 as a one-person company by Gosia Julia Kozlowska – Polish with a British-German academic and professional background and a forever passion for a healthy lifestyle.

Based in Berlin, at the heart of Europe and the flourishing health food scene, greenvana connects organic food producers with distributors worldwide. Blending sales and marketing, we work directly with producers serving as a representative, communicator and a key account manager.

Since 2003 have we been travelling through the international organic food scene and discovering new trends and development in the gourmet and the health food sector. In fact, we consider organic foods to be gourmet foods that should be accessible to everybody.
We partner up with producers who can provide both, excellent quality and certain uniqueness factor to their products. We communicate their brand’s message to the international public and sell their products on their behalf. On the other end, we constantly search for suitable organic importers, distributors and wholesalers who are interested in starting a business with our respected partner-producers.


The name greenvana was inspired by my love of nature and my Buddhist given name – translated into English – the mind / the heart of nirvana. In the Asian culture the mind and the heart are perceived as one.

I love to move and in fact I have difficulties sitting still for longer periods of time. Therefore, I walk every day, often instead of using public transport. My biggest hobby – if I have to reduce it to just one – is hiking in the mountains.

I also adore doing sports like running, cycling, rollerblading and used to train capoeira and crossfit. I still do some strength and body-weight exercises, but these days at home or outdoors.

I meditate every day. I have been a disciple of a South-Korean zen master since 2010.

My solution number one for feeling low and stressed out is – go and meditate or go outside into the nature. Both work wonders.

Although I had always had a tendency to opt for healthy food, I switched to some 80% organic diet when moved to Berlin in 2009.

I am using possibly little and if then 100% natural cosmetics, mostly organic. A virgin coconut oil has its firm place in my kitchen and in my bathroom.

I have been eliminating consumption in the last six years and not recycling rubbish feels like lack of respect for our planet.

I am curious, not afraid to ask questions and to question the system, especially the pharmaceutical system and the food industry.

Apart from the professional side connected to sales and marketing of the organic products, my blog is partially about healthy, home-made alternatives to various health issues. I’ve been self-educating myself about nutrition and natural medicine since I was a teenager. Here are some of the most inspiring books that have supported my on my path so far.

I am a real foodie ;-)