The guys from Pronpal seem to be faster than trends and praise the superb healing properties of berries. Constant development of new natural and so-called health-promoting products play a huge role for them. LiQberry and Natturelly are not typical juices and smoothies. And – there is more to come soon.

Pronpal was founded in 2017 by Ronald Prokopovicz and Piotr Paluch in Warsaw, Poland. The production facility is located in Vilnius, Lithuania. The berries come from forests and plantations in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. The producer offers both ecological and conventional products.

“We are still young – the average age is 37 years. However, we already have the baggage of experiences of different nature behind us. Some of them are related to our own health issues or the people around us. And since we are what we eat, we have decided to look for ways to provide healthy, valuable foods. Foods that not only taste good, but bring real benefits to our bodies at the same time.”

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