Purity Of The Bavarian Alps – Hiking At The Königssee

Koenigssee Bavaria
At the beginning of July me and Tiger visited Bavarian Alps. I cannot complain about lack of green spaces where I live in Berlin, nevertheless getting out of the big city and the pollution was a much deserved treat. The highlight of the trip was hiking in the mountains at the Königssee (King’s Lake). This part of the Alps belongs to Berchtesgadener Land, which is a district in south-eastern Bavaria. On a map it looks like a tooth sticking out of Germany and biting into Austria.The weather happened to be quite unstable, but despite this we decided to make the most of our short stay there and spend one day hiking in the mountains at the Königssee. We knew that rain and storm could have possibly arrive in the afternoon and so we left for Königssee at 8am in order to catch the first boat living for St. Bartholomä.

Setting off in the clouds
st. bartholomä
The mixture of morning sun rays and a thin fog catered for a truly mystical view. After about 30 minutes driving the boat arrived and this is where the true adventure began.

Listening what the silence has to say in St. Bartholomä
st. bartholomämorning fogst. bartholomä bayern

Finally some exercise! :)
climbing alps
It was nice and warm, yet you could still find some snowy spots.hiking bavaria
Having lunch at the Kärlingerhaus with a stunning view on Funtensee. This is Germknödel – a culinary speciality of Austria and Bavaria. Germknödel is a yeast dough dumpling filled with spicy plum jam and served with poppy seeds, melted butter and vanilla souse or sugar. There’s no need to mention that it’s a great treat during such a calorie-burning journey! :)
germknödel bayern
After some 4 hours, we continued towards Wasseralm.
wasseralm hütte
Bee at the Grünsee (Green Lake)
Grünersee bayern
And this is where we started – Königssee from above
koenigsee bavaria
I must mention that Tiger had overlooked our planned route slightly and after some seven hours of walking, we realised that we would have to stay overnight there as there hadn’t been chance for us to head down before the last boat was leaving. It was already almost 6pm and we were tired indeed. There was this moment of confusion as we marched through a deep forest without knowing where exactly we were. Out of pure luck we found a cottage with just few spare beds where we ate and spent the night. We had neither a tooth brush nor a clean underwear what proved not easy for me at first ;) The thunder storm came indeed, however only at night. I had never heard lightnings striking with such an enormous echo! Next day, fresh and fully recovered we only had to go down to the Königsee.

This meant however, three hours downhill on the black trail in the rain and fog… Adventure part two! :)

wycieczka bawaria
wycieczka po alpach
And yet another stunning lake – Schwarzersee (Black Lake).
wandern koenigssee
It was quite a challenge, however I personally found it great. And believe it or not, as a sign of my appreciation and respect for the natural beauty that I was lucky to see in the Berchtesgaden National Park, I was not only taking photos but also collecting rubbish on my way down! Looking up at the mountain wall of over 1700 meters above sea level from the bottom was very impressive.
Yes, we came down from up there!
hillwalking alps
A cup of fresh buttermilk from the grazing cows nearby was a nice finish of our trip. We saw not only cows up in the mountains, but had also a face to face meeting with an alpine salamander, a chamois and a marmot.
Just a charming cow! :)
bavarian cow
It was definitely one of the best times of my life and I can certainly recommend making a trip to Königssee to everybody. There are plenty of trails to choose from, from hiking with children and dogs (yes, we’ve seen some) to proper climbing. The most famous and at the same time the third highest mountain in Germany called Watzmann (2,713m) is where some 100 climbers so far were unlucky to lost their lives.

Don’t forget:

  • there is mostly no mobile phone coverage
  • waterproof clothes
  • comfortable shoes – whether mountain boots or jogging trainers is up to you. Since I don’t have proper hiking shoes I wear my jogging trainers and they’ve proved perfect for as long as it doesn’t rain too much.
  • something to drink and some nutritional snack like a banana or muesli bars (or a couple of them since we never know… ;)

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