You Can Reduce Cellulite Naturally At Home

naturalne metody cellulit

It is said that 90 % of women have cellulite. Overweight and slim, elderly and teenagers alike. Although cellulite is considered genetical, there is something you can do to reduce it. Here are some natural methods that I’ve tested myself. They generally good for your health, whether you struggle with cellulite or not.

Cellulite is not an illness, and the first rule and the most important natural remedy is acceptance that you have it. Beauty resides in the inner peace resulting from the acceptance of ourselves. I might be lucky since women in my family don’t have a big cellulite problem. This is why only very recently was I surprised having discovered some small signs of it on my bottom and hips. Apart from genetics, there are two reasons for developing cellulite – retention of fluids in the body and reduction of blood circulation.

So if you want to prevent or reduce existing cellulite you should first take care of solving the above problems.

This Is What You Can Do

To help prevent retention of fluids in the body – feeling of a bloated stomach, swollen legs and ankles – try the following:

Reduce the consumption of salt and processed food

Conduct a body detox by refraining from eating certain unhealthy products like sugar, caffeine for a week or a few weeks. This is how I’ve conducted a body detox at home.

Eat more food rich in potassium: bananas, vegetables, fish, shellfish, diary products, seeds and pulses

Drink more fluids: water, juices, herbal teas. It might seem contradictory, but it’s necessary to flush the excess water in the body and keep you hydrated

If your work requires a lot of seating make breaks, rotate your ankles a couple of times in both directions and rest with your feet up

Take care of your hormonal balance – the best natural method is to learn how to cope with stress and be able to relaxed life despite difficulties ex. through meditation

Include these herbs in your diet: ginger, dandelion, nettle as they have duretic properties

You can try applying these essential oils to your bath or for a massage: rosemary, cypress, geranium

To help prevent reduction of blood circulation make sure to introduce foods and activities that help your blood circulate faster:

Reduce coffee and black tea intake (2 cups per day are OK)

Eat more fiber: fruits, veggies and grains

Add these herbs to your food: garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper, ginko biloba

Make regular breaks while seating at your desk for long times – a short walk or stretch every one hour will help


If you are a sporty type, you can enjoy sports that get you out of breath from time to time like swimming, running, aerobic. Naturally, you shouldn’t be exhausting yourself. If you are new to sport or cannot do such powerful exercises, practice yoga (especially twists and up side down poses), stretching and brisk walking like nordic walking for instance. They all help your blood to circulate faster.

Give yourself a massage / do a peeling

Finish every shower with rinsing your body with warm and cold water interchangeably for about 30 seconds.

Apart from trying to stick to these rules, I’ve also introduced this little ritual, which I conduct alternately on a daily basis. They are easy and cheap and take no more than 3 minutes per day!

cellulite natural methods

My 5 Quick Daily Practices To Reduce & Prevent Cellulite Naturally:

1. I’ve found dry brushing fantastic. It makes your lymphatic system function better and thus helps to remove toxins from the body. It also speeds up blood circulation. Massage your whole body starting form the feet and moving towards your heart. You can do it in circular movement on your hips, bottom and stomach. Then lift your hands up and massage them all the way down, always in the heart direction. Be gentle the first time you use a dry massage brush since it’s quite hard on the skin. I got used to it very quickly and I really like the little scratching and the refreshing feeling it gives. I usually give myself such 2 min massage before going to bed or before taking a shower in the morning. I got mine from a local organic shop LPG for about 5 €.

2. I use this plastic massage brush while showering. I give myself a simple 1 or  2 min massage on the wet and soapy skin on the affected areas. I bought it in the chemists DM for about 3.50 €.

3. I try to remember to finish every shower with a flush of cold water. I only rinse my bottom chicks, hips and feet as, let’s be honest, it’s not much fun otherwise and especially in the winter! But if you’re brave enough and live in a hot country, just go for it. A cold rinse at the end of each shower wakes me up and gives my legs a feeling of lightness.

4. Every two weeks or so I use a coffee scrub from brewed coffee beans. Save some after having made your morning espresso! Here are more details about this natural coffee peeling.

5. Personally, I don’t trust that lotions claiming that they can reduce cellulite, but I like the refreshing and toning effect of this Weleda cellulite oil with birch, apricot kernel, jojoba seed and wheat germ oils, which I massage into my skin after showering. Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil prices vary depending on your country. I bought mine for 14 € at DM.

I hope that you’ve found this article informative. Do you know of some other natural remedies for preventing and reducing cellulite that you would like to share with others?

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