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I started using a fitness app once I got more serious about running. Aiming big, which means preparing for a half marathon, I knew that it would be much easier and much more fun if done with an app. I did some online research and decided to go for Endomondo Sports Tracker.

Endomondo Sports Tracker is a highly rated, free app that works on Android, iPhone, BlackBerry 10, Windows and Symbian phones. The app can be used for some 60 sport arts ranging from running, through swimming to yoga!… Using your phone’s GPS the app measures distance, speed and duration in order to calculate calories burnt and provide a (hopefully) accurate record of your workout. According to its founders, Endomondo stands apart from other fitness apps thanks to its strong focus on social interaction. So, if you adore external motivators like cheering as you do the hard job or simply feel like showing off with how well you’ve done today, you will love this app.

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Being a fan of simplicity I stick to using the free version of Endomondo, mainly to keep a track of the basics – knowing how many kilometres I’ve done, at what speed and how much time it took me. Since I make variations to my routes, it’s fun to see later on the map where exactly I’ve been to. Sharing my workout on Facebook feels good and seeing friends’ workouts is a nice motivator indeed. Endomondo is not only fun to play with, but also visually pleasing to look at.

endomondo sports tracker

Main free features:

  • Real-time tracking via GPS (distance, speed, duration)
  • Calories burnt
  • Listening to music during workout
  • Taking photos during work out
  • Detecting pauses in the workout automatically and counting active time only (very useful if you stop on a red light or in order to take a snapshot)
  • Displaying your route on Google Maps
  • Possibility of making your route public and viewing other people’s routes (very practical if you want to easily discover new running paths in a place that you don’t know well)
  • Audio couch commenting your performance during workout
  • Peptalks – live audio comments of your friends commenting your performance during workout
  • Building a like-minded social community by inviting friends and seeing their workouts
  • Sharing your workout via social media
  • Website version where you can easily see your workouts, training plan, friends profiles, challenges to participate in, public newsfeed and more

endomondo sports tracker

Endomondo has also a pro version, which costs 4,99 € as well as a premium one for 3,59 € / month and 26,99 € / year. Both give you some extra features, which I personally find a little bit overwhelming. It’s largely due to the fact that I like easy and minimalist products that serve a straightforward purpose. Another thing is that I love doing sports for the sake of doing sports rather than burning certain amount of calories, for instance. That said I don’t see a point in having extra motivators or taking part in competitions. However, if you have time and feel like getting into the many, surely useful, features of this really cool fitness app, consider purchasing the premium version and dive in!

At the time of writing this post I read a note from Endomondo, published on 14th March 2014, that it merged its free and pro versions of the app for simplicity reasons. I assume that this’ll be done for other phones too, leaving the two, the enriched free and the full featured premium versions on the market.

Some of the pro and premium features: 

  • Creating your personal training plan
  • Displaying your heart rate zones during workout
  • Displaying weather information during workout
  • Setting personal goals with an audio feedback during workout
  • Low power mode
  • No ads

If used on a basic level Endomondo Sports Tracker is an easy, free and fun app with a very aesthetically pleasing web design. It also offers plenty of other nice features to get you motivated, keep you challenged and entertained while doing your favourite sports if you’re willing to spend more time and some money on it. There is also a bunch of other gadgets of the partner companies that can be integrated into Endomondo Sports Tracker in order to expand user experience. Have a look at their website for more information on this.

Are you using Endomondo? Or do you find another fitness app more reliable? Feel free to leave a comment below.

And I’m off for a run now! :)running app

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