The Time Has Come – I’ve Joined A Local Gym

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I’ve written about my passion for doing sports on the blog before. In the past years I’ve been, so to say, an outdoor type either going for a run or cycling through the city. Running my first half-marathon was definitely worth it as it was one of my personal goals for 2014.

It also helped me to discover that I am rather a casual jogger than a marathon racer. That said, I enjoy running between 5 -7 K once or twice a week much more than training three or four times a week 7 K plus. I’ve learned about my possibilities and my body reactions. One of my discoveries is that long distance running makes me loose fat, even though I don’t want it. Or at least not in the places where loosing tiny little bit, wouldn’t hurt anybody. What I want to achieve, apart from simply being fit and having fun, is to strengthen the muscles here and there. Talking of the legs and the bottom, cycling has proved much better than jogging in my case. It’s a surprise to me, as I always admired those parts of the body musculature in the African runners. That’s why rules are only rules and we are all different. And as much as I adore outdoor endurance sports solo, I’ve always enjoyed various team sports like basketball and capoeira too.

Thinking of the slowly, but inevitably approaching the autumn / winter season too, I’ve found and tested free of charge a local gym in my area of Berlin, which is Kreuzberg. It’s a sport association in fact and I’ve just decided to become a member. The reasons why I’ve chosen a sport association instead of a typical fitness club are: better price, activities that suit my interest a whole week long, small groups and 10 minutes walk from my house. Oh, and the membership is quite flexible too, which means that if I change my mind after three months, I can simply opt out.

I love both, but here are some perks of choosing a fitness club membership over doing outdoor sports solo:

Bad weather is not a problem
The fee is a commitment and therefore ambition to regular attendance
You can meet new, like-minded people
Unless you only want to loose weight and keep fit, choosing classes like dance, aqua aerobic, pilates, boxing etc. helps you to achieve specific fitness goals
Changing a repertoire is fun and motivating
Usually you can save up on the membership fees if you enroll in spring or summer. So best hurry up and check an offer of the fitness club of your interest still in August!

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