Testing Women’s Nike Free 3.0 V5 – Good For Running, Great For Free Time

nike free 3.0

Today I’ve tested women’s running shoes for you – Nike Free 3.0 V5. They are not only looking good, but are superb comfortable too. Without exaggerating – walking in Nike Free 3.0 feels indeed like walking in the clouds!

It was hight time for me to get myself new running shoes. I chose Nike Free 3.0 in black/white with a silver swoosh. The shoes are extremely light. In fact, I though that they had forgotten to place them in the box when my package arrived. Luckily, the were inside and made me love them from the very first time… I tried them on.

nike free 3.0 bewertung

nike free recenzja

Nike Free models range from 3.0 to 7.0. These are the numbers indicating cushioning width, with 3.0 being the thinnest one. The very special feature of the Free 3.0 Nike model is the that their thin 3 cm cushioning resembles a bare foot feeling. That said, the soles are very flexible and thus make your muscles and tendons exercise more. Frankly, they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve had so far.

The inner lining as well as the mesh on the upper lining are both very stretchy, which means that the shoes are tight enough, but still breathable.

nike free

This is how they present on the feet. Sporty and very feminine at the same time!

nike free test

As a summary, I’ll tell you the following: I find them good for running average distances (up to 10 km) on an even or soft surface. Comparing to my old Asics Speva Duomax trainers with much thicker cushioning, I can definitely feel that my muscles are working harder. It’s not a bad thing, however for my taste it’s disturbing when I run on a very uneven surface, paved with pebbles or with holes. I wouldn’t probably want to run a marathon in them either.

Nike Free 3.0 V5 is in my opinion a perfect casual shoe that not only looks great, but also gives you a flexible and light feeling while commuting in the city.

There are even more Nike Free models available here at the Nike Store.

What are your favourite running shoes? Or are you like me – loving sportswear just like this? :)

2 thoughts on “Testing Women’s Nike Free 3.0 V5 – Good For Running, Great For Free Time”

  1. Hej – bardzo fajny artykuł, rzeczowo i na temat. Nike Free to rzeczywiście rewolucja w butach do biegania. Jeśli chodzi o odczuwany przez Ciebie dyskomfort to jest on spowodowany zasadą działania tego systemu, po prostu ta technologia “uwalnia” mięśnie które do tej pory podczas biegu nie pracowały. To normalne ale nie martw się po jakimś czasie to minie gdy wzmocnisz te partie mięśni. Nawet na pudełku każdych NF znajduje się informacja na temat możliwości odczuwania dyskomfortu na samym początku dlatego też trzeba się na te buciki przesiadać stopniowo. Bardzo fajny blog – pozdrawiamy.

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