Urban Gardening #2 Magic Wuhlegarten In Berlin

wuhlegarten berlin

Wuhlegarten is neither well-known nor it is easy to find, unless you had heard of it and decided to visit Köpenick. Hidden and tranquil, Wuhlegarten – The Intercultural Garden, seemed more like a magic garden to me.

I discovered Wuhlegarten last summer and combined my visit there with a bike trip to Köpenick. Travelling from Alt Treptow, the journey took me some 1.5 relaxed hours with many stops at the lake Mügelsee. You can certainly get there faster without stopping by at the lake or simply by taking the S-Bahn.

Köpenick is a district in the South-East Berlin. It belongs to the borough of Treptow-Köpenick and has a real small town atmosphere. It is also home to other cool things like lake Müggelsee, Mellow Park – the Europe’s biggest outdoor skate park and FEZ – alike largest in europe, non for profit family leisure and recreation center. I will surely report on other attractions some day. After all, it is the eastern part of the city with a very interesting history, as between the IX and XII century, Köpenick was inhabited by the Slavs.

Wuhlegarten serves as an intercultural meeting point for people of various ethnicities who learn about each other’s cultures through various gardening projects. Everybody’s welcome to pay a visit to the garden and a good occasion to so so is an annual summer festival taking place in June.

Going to Wuhlegarten is a perfect escape if you crave some time off in Berlin. It’s also a great opportunity to spend some active time outdoors, especially if you combine it with a bike trip to Köpenick.

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